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Item Condition: Mint
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Netherby
State: SA
Payment Method: Paypal (Friends and family), EFT, Cash on Pickup
Reason for selling: Downsizing

A very special amp.


The designer Glenn Croft is a well known designer of tube circuits and used to make OTL amps. He has minimised and refined his topology over the years to arrive at his current line up of hybrid components, utilising tube input and mosfet output stages. Every amp is hand-made by Glenn Croft in Birmingham. 

There are 2 versions of the Croft integrated - the phono integrated which is what stereophile reviewed, and the integrated ‘R’, which is a souped up version without phono stage. This is the Integrated ‘R’.


The croft phono integrated is very well regarded, has glowing reviews, and is remarkable value. The 'R' version takes it up a notch, with better dynamics (both micro and macro),  superb bass response, incredible articulation, and sounds much more powerful than its 55wpc would suggest. Differences between the 'R' and the standard phono integrated are the use of a valve regulated power supply for the ht, with much larger transformers, better output mosfets, better parts and more output power. The 'R' version doesn't have a phono stage, as there is no room in the case. 


Link to review of the phono integrated (not the R version):



Some interesting background about the designer and the integrated:




The Croft is quirky with its use of seperate volume controls for each channel, no remote control, closely spaced binding posts, a fuse-based protection circuit with 3 fuses rather than an auto circuit type, but its all in the interest of better sound. Paired with the right speakers, the R is a reference level amp. 


In terms of speaker matching, I use it with Tannoy DMT 15's, and have never had to cross 1/4th on the volume controls. The designer uses it with triple stacked Quad 57s which go down to 0.5 ohms at high frequencies. 


The Integrated 'R' uses two 12ax7s and an 85A2 voltage regulator tube. The unit comes with a pair of JJ tesla 12ax7's and a pair of hospital grade telefunken 12AX7's. I am including the telefunkens in the sale price ( and not listing them separately) as I haven't kept track of the hours on them, and dont have any details of their provenance - I bought them from a friends stash of NOS tubes.  


My system is dismantled for a couple of weeks due to some renovations in the listening room, so auditions in my system wont be possible for the next 2 weeks. 


Happy to ship at cost.

croft rear.jpg









Edited by David Masilamoni
Added clarification regarding the model integrated R
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