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FS: Legend acoustics, Big Red speakers.

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Item Condition: Used
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Darwin
State: NT
Payment Method: Transfer or cash
Reason for selling: Culling the herd

Further information: Well respected,  reviewed and revered speakers, Legend Big reds.

These are the fully active version with DEQX Pre amp with 4 channels of hype power for tweeters and mids and crown power to the 4 10" peerless woofers! I bought these from a local member after hearing them at his place and falling in love! That said I have just purchased a massive pair of horn speakers and already have Genesis towers so something has to give...


Listening Impressions - Active
One of my reference recordings is the superbly produced Duet by guitar virtuosos Sylvain Luc and Bireli Lagrene. Legend's Kumbar Wirris conveyed an enormous amount of detail and power from the aggressively strummed guitar chords. Indeed, in those areas -- as well as in transient speed -- the Kumbar Wirris were on par with my far more expensive Wilson WATT/Puppy System 6 reference. Every finger pluck and string vibration was reproduced clearly and cleanly with superb harmonic content confirming the quality of the ceramic tweeter and the seamless crossover to the midrange driver.Voices, whether male or female, were crisp and extremely present (if slightly forward), giving the impression of vocalists being with me in the room. The micro detail was outstanding, with low-level vocal intonations and subtleties clearly discernible. Complex music such as the Flamenco/Indian-flavored beats of Curandero's Aras is intricately separated, making all instruments within the mix easily discernable and yet the Kumbar Wirris maintained the musical whole coherently. They are extremely accurate and transparent transducers and with good recordings, they present the music with an uncanny sense of realism. Having said that, they can also be ruthlessly revealing in that they will transmit all the hardness, compression and frequency mudding that unfortunately are the product of mediocre audio engineering and poor studio techniques. On Patricia Barber's superb Modern Cool disc, the Legends present her image locked center stage, the speakers never compromising their tight focus on all images. Soundstage width is almost wall to all and depth is adequate. This recording features realistically captured upright bass and here the Kumbar Wirris also excelled. Overall bass quality is outstanding, with power, depth and punch being as good as it gets. Rarely have I heard such detail and pitch accuracy when combined with 20-cycle depth. Bass notes stop and start on a dime such is the speed of these 10-inchers, and there's a chest-numbing wallop in the kick drum that propels the music along and makes Rock recordings very enjoyable indeed.

6moons review 






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Heard these @ Dr Rod's place when he was living in Grove.

This is a system that needs to be heard, words cannot do it justice.

And at this price a ridiculous bargain.  

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