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soundbar for TV with no powersupply needed


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its External audio for my Television
q1- wanting to know if its possible to buy a Sound bar -that does not require an extra power supply ? what brands ?
To be plugged into the Left & Right audio connections.
q2 – I would need to buy 2 of them correct ? For Left & Right

q3 – Or we can Not call them sound bars ? call them external speakers ?

Thats why it would be nice if there was a type of Hybrid .

I red somewhere some speaker scan be plugged in Via USB- but not all Smart Tvs will allow the Audio 
 to travel through that usb connection. USB normally only for photos viewing.

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Sorry, no way of avoiding the power supply.


You are essentially looking for passive speakers for your TV.  To drive passive speakers, you can get an all-in-one that has a DAC and amplifier to do that, but no TV has that  built-in capability.


Much easier to get a soundbar or even some active speakers which can take TV inputs.

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