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KLH Model 5 on demo in Sydney


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We're back again as a Stereo.net sponsor and wanted to let everyone know we've got the KLH Model 5 speakers available for demo in Alexandria Sydney. As well as the Kendall Floorstanders, Albany II Bookshelf and will soon have the Model 3 once launched.


At this stage we're mainly offering demo's via appointment, as the main Home Theatre is still under construction and this allows us to dedicate more time for you to have an extended listen, bring in your own amps if you'd like to see how they match. Reach out to schedule a demo.


KLH Model 5 - https://www.customht.com.au/products/klh-audio-model-five-speakers

Unit 12, 538 Gardeners Road, Alexandria


We usually keep the Model 5's quite well stocked in both colours to avoid any delays and to allow you to take them home same day if preferred, or put down a deposit and pay them off the old fashion way. We also offer various interest free options if preferred.




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