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Harmony elite& hub + Broadlink Rm4+ Philips Hue Bridge+ google home

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Dear Stereonet friends


I am stuck on one issue about “smart control my motorised projector screen RF signal

try to trigger out from AVR to Motorised screen used mono trigger plug .did not work..don’t know why.


currently I am using harmony,it does alright for everything except the RF controlled motorised screen.


Smart home hubs I have


harmony hub+ Broadlink which controls motorised screen + Philips hue bridge + google home


anyone can suggest how I can set them up then everything will turn on and close with one button.including the motorised screen


thanks and regards




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18 minutes ago, Lenidude said:

Might be a silly question, but you did enable the trigger out in the AVR settings? 

That’s what I did, it was installed already therefore bit of pain to get up and soldering .wanted to try do it in a smart way,but failed

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