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Please help: I need a wireless streaming solution FROM TV to AMP (2 channel preamp)

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Hi all,


Any recommendations welcome to the following question:

I need to stream wirelessly FROM my TV (Sony A8G) to my 2 channel stereo system (Onkyo P3000 pre amp and Rotel RB1582 power amp).

I would like to do as the best possible quality as possible.

Limitations are that I can't use a cable from the audio out of the TV, or the HDMI ARC channel, it needs to be a wireless solution from TV to stereo and I'm not looking to change my amp.

I want as low as latency as possible as it needs to synch with the picture

I would prefer something with a digital output (Coax or TOSLINK), so I could use the preamp's DACs. Not a show stopper though.


TV and stereo are in the same room (3-4 meters distance approx). The only obstruction would be a person and a couch possibly in the way. 


My thoughts are:

  • As my TV has bluetooth built in, would a bluetooth receiver with APT-X low latency my best bet? I understand that there is a bandwidth limitation with this and would only get something like 350kpbs which is disappointing, but is still better than "TV sound"...
  • If the above is true, is the Audioengine B1 the best one to buy?
  • Is there some other option to wirelessly "transmit" audio only from the TV to the amp, but without the bandwidth limitations of bluetooth, perhaps some sort of wifi enabled device? I do own a chromecast audio, also plugged into the amp via TOSLINK.
  • The TV is ethernet wired and the solution could be as well, as I have an ethernet port next to the stereo. They both go back to a central switch.





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You want an Audioengine D2 combo sender and receiver if you want good quality sound (everything is resampled to 96/24 but you can use your own DAC at the other end):



Not sure of the best place to buy one but here's the first google hit:


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2 hours ago, Roons75 said:


So I would need 2 of them? One at the TV and and one at the stereo and?

You need the sender and the receiver. You can buy each separately but the link I gave you to has both to buy together already. Note you must have optical available at both ends.

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