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Post Processing Software recommendations


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Hi All,

I have been using Photoshop CS5 since 2010 for my post processing. I have finally updated my laptop and am looking for some new software as it probably won't even install on my new laptop.

Not overly keen on subscription type purchases and for what I do, its not worth me paying big dollars for the simple edits I do. Photoshop was capable of WAY more than I ever did with it.

So keen to hear your suggestions on some apps that I can look into.

A couple that have caught my eye are ON1 and Rawtherapee.


I shoot RAW.

And the basic edits I do mainly consist of blacks/whites levels, colour enhancements, sharpening/blurring, noise reduction, vignetting, cropping, gradient filters, occasional cloning, etc... so just simple stuff.

Must be Mac compatible.


Would love to hear your thoughts.




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16 hours ago, buddyev said:

What camera are you using? Nikon and Olympus both have free editing software packages. Not sure about others. 

Nikon D300. Also over 10 years old so i ‘m guessing i probably wouldn’t qualify for the free software? I’ll look into it, thank you.

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