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FS: Walker CJ55 Turntable, Alphason HR-100S tonearm and Denon DL103 MC Cartridge.

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Item Condition: Excellent for age
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.
Suburb or Town: Belgrave
State: VIC
Payment Method: PayPal to friends, EFT or Cash on Pickup
Reason for selling: Potentially financing another purchase

Further information:


Walker CJ55 Turntable, Alphason HR-100S tonearm and Denon DL103 MC Cartridge.


I have owned this turntable and tonearm from new, I purchased them in the mid 80's.


Until now I have been unable to bring myself to part with it, but here goes.


The Turntable:


Designed by Colin Walker, the CJ55 is a British made belt drive, floating sub-chassis (similar to Linn Sondek and Ariston models) turntable available in the early 1980’s.

The Walker turntable features a floating sub-chassis and separate removable arm-board, powered by a synchronous motor. The motor isn't what was then the standard Airpac but a Swiss made low torque model.

It is thought that Colin Walker once distributed Linn in the early days, which would explain why the decks are similar.

The platter and sub platter are machined from a very dense organic material called “Tufnol” which was used extensively at the time in heavy engineering.

The spindle bearing employs a hardened steel shaft in a high-strength bronze bearing which runs on a central thrust ball. The whole assembly is in pristine condition.

Rumble is reportedly subdued at -31db unweighted and spectrum analysis of the rumble components revealed that all were infrasonic.

Weight 11.5kg.


The Tonearm:


This is a rare Alphason (UK) HR-100S tonearm in excellent operational and cosmetic condition.

Fastidiously handcrafted by Mike Knowles in 1983, it's a deceptively simple, elegant looking design.

It is made of tool grade steel and, in an engineering masterstroke, pure, beautifully worked titanium for the tonearm wand.  The head shell is entirely integral, being "merely" formed from the pressed end of the armtube, which is further stiffened by another thin titanium bedplate.

Knowles famously offered a free tonearm to anyone who could bend the arm by hand (none could) and its combination of lightness and rigidity remain unsurpassed.

The hardened steel gimbals of the rear end enclose super high quality ceramic bearings and VTF is adjusted via a rear main counterweight (nylon-sleeve-on-nylon-shaft for superior damping, precise placement and is virtually impossible to wear out.

VTF arm pillar height is adjusted via a hex head bolt. Anti-skate is by string and weight, ingeniously captive in a vertical guide beside the also-excellent hydraulic arm lift, which is silky smooth in operation.

Fit and finish of the tonearm is exquisite and the satin, faintly bronze lustre of the handmade, one-piece wand against the silver and flat black of its accompanying hardware is captivating.

Sonically it's still a world-beater, exhibiting breathtaking poise, agility, pace and detail.

Effective length is 229mm, overhang 18mm (spindle to pivot 211mm) and effective mass is 11 grams.


I have owned both the turntable and the tonearm from new and they are both in excellent condition.


They have never been tampered with in any way, being stored away since about 1990.


Includes the original boxes, packaging, instructions and accessories for both the turntable and the tonearm and an unused armboard which could be used to mount an alternative tonearm if needed.


Overall condition is excellent, as can be seen by the photos, the perspex cover and hinges are perfectly sound and in good condition.


Sale also includes a near new Denon DL 103 MC cartridge, I am happy to sell without it if preferred.

Please PM me if interested.








Sub Platter.jpg


Alphason Arm.jpg



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