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What 70's SPEAKER is THAT ? ( badged LUCAS )


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Saved some vintage speakers ( probably 70's looking at dimensions and drivers ) . Think they are probably Australian made...... either small scale commercial or DIY ? It has a lovely acrylic badge on the traditional woven grills that says " Lucas " in a rather spacey script.


-Teak bookmarked veneer over fine chipboard. About  88cm H. 60 cm w.  and 25cm deep. Cabinets lined with thick glass wool ceiling batt  stuff

- 3 way design 

- Kriesler 15'' woofer, cast aluminium basket  " made in Australia " by Magnavox

  - unbranded mid

 - Realistic Japan tweeter

 -Weird Crossover box


Any clues out there ?   Are any of the drivers of some quality ?         Am really curious to know before I test them or anything.






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Kriesler made radios between '66 and '70....https://www.radiomuseum.org/r/kriesler_master_multi_sonic_stere_2.html


The tweeter brand is Realistic which I recall was part of Tandy Electronics in the '70s...similar to Jaycar and the old Dick Smith.


Not sure about the Lucas badge but a wild guess is this was either put together as aDIY project or rebuilt/repaired using whatever parts one could get hold of.


Good luck tracking it all down.

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That crossover module seemed to look familiar, and after a quick Google I see a place in the US is selling a very similar thing called the CN-3 on eBay: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/383569060614




The midrange with the octagonal frame is from Philips, I’m pretty sure. 


The combination of parts makes me think it’s Mr Lucas’s personal project, possibly based around a Kreisler box (besides the cool woofer, it has the squarish shape of a lot of old Kreisler speakers I’ve seen).

With the badge, could it be the work of a trophy engraving type of service? It’s not a speaker brand I recall seeing before. 

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1 hour ago, Lx4man said:

Woofer was made for Kriesler by magnavox in Sydney,  it also went under the magnavox part number of c15w 


I worked at the Magnavox speaker factory in Sydney's Alexandria for a short while when on school holidays, I had the job of testing the speakers after they left the assembly line.


They had different baffles that had contact points that matched the speaker terminals, I'd just quickly mount the speaker to the baffle, then run a sweep tone test on them.

I can tell you straight away that each speaker would sound slightly different to the previous one tested

That didn't seem to matter, as long as the speakers could reproduce the whole sweep it got a passed sticker

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Thank you for all the detective work ..... has narrowed down the possibilities ( will also contact Multi Sonics in Melbourne ....)  thanks for the lead.


A few interesting details  

-the Kriesler big 15 inch aluminium cast basket on the woofer seems to have been only made in Australia ....... the US Magnavox 15 inch has a pressed metal frame.

-  Looking at dozens of Kriesler ( and HMV etc )  speakers on the net, I cannot find a single one that has the 15 inch driver ( although it is still very possible )

_ the CN-3   3 way cross over was very often used in Stereophonic Consules ( those big cabinet things with a record player and radio. )......   so basically an Open Baffle design really.


I think it is quite possible that the speakers have been assembled using the huge 15 inch Australian made Magnavox woofers from an Australian made Kriesler stereophonic Console. Have been checking out this theory but have so far found Consules with only the 12 inch Woofers, but there are not too many to look at on the net so it is a small sample.


Will get back to it soon.





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20 hours ago, mfforever said:

Hey Tweaky ........   what did they do with that monster ?    In a Console or speakers ?


I have no idea what they did with it, I was only just starting to get a interested in HiFi back then.

When I started at Magnavox and was shown what to do by a older employee, he showed me the different baffles and which speaker went with it, there was another even bigger one than the 24" baffle, I think it had 27" or 30" written on it, it looked like it hadn't been used in quite a while.


I don't know how many of those 27/30" speakers made it onto the market, although I do remember I used to walk pass a electronics parts store near the corner of Pitt St and Goulburn St in the Sydney CBD that had a speaker of that size on display in the front window, you couldn't NOT look at it, it was such a curio, but I'm not sure it was a Magnavox speaker TBH, If memory servers me correctly I think that one was made by a company called ETONE.


Actually, I just remembered the price of those monster speakers I saw in that shops window, as I used to walk pass it regularly.

They had the whole range of speakers lined up in the window, the 24" was $184 and the bigger 27/30" was $240, which back then was more than double the average gross weekly wage.

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Ahhhh, those were the days .......    I remember my incredible excitement when I purchased my first music system in 1969 ...... it was a Kriesler 3-in-1 (TT, radio and cassette tape and some boxy speakers ......)can't exactly remember the price but think it was around $200 ........    had that system for more than 10 years and it bashed out Yes, King Crimson, Emerson/Lake and Palmer, Amon Duul , Stones, Zeppelin, CSN&y etc.   ......   probably all without any finesse but fantastic just the same.

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