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Speaker setup for room

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Hi all

I am in the process of building a home and not sure about the best (if any) sound setup I should implement in my main living area.

I have attached my floor plan. Basically there's an entrance (3m high ceiling) that leads into a living area on the right (6m high void) and another area on the left (3m high ceiling). The dashed line is just to show separation of the two areas (different heights), this isn't a wall, it's all open. I've also shown a section of what the TV wall looks like. I have to maintain min. 300mm clearance from the fire place.

Absolutely no idea what to do here, I know it's not an ideal room for sound, but any suggestions would be better than audio directly out of the TV. I need it to look aesthetically pleasing too, so placing bulky speakers either side of the TV or floor standing speakers around the room isn't an option for us.

Love to hear your thoughts!


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5.1 won't suit, neither will a soundbar. My only suggestion if your cupboards are open go with 2 channel and bookshelves. A cheap avr to get signal from the tv and amplify.



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