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Show us your tubes

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I told all those doubters that you did actually have a Hi Fi system, now we have proof ; )

Where is the big Droplet?


At that time it was at Inverloch with the Cyber 845 amps. The cdp's have since been swapped around at Mrs Mustud's suggestion.

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The audio threads are looking up.



Yeah well the mods keep killing all the fun threads in the chill lounge, so we are forced to pollute otherwise sensible hifi threads.

Sorry fangs, I'll bugger off until I have taken some photos of real toobs. Only problem is, I will feel inadequate because mine are very small....

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I have these:






That is all.



EDIT: I do apologise. I just saw this is in the Two Channel Ampliifer section. Wheres the CDP tube appreciation thread?  ;)

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Decky, still trying to work out if you were posting a photo of your valves or your tubes? :-)




That is a deep spiritual question my friend - and I will have to get back to you on that. :cool:


On that, meditate I will...

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