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JansZen Electrostatic Z-410

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Hi all,

Looking for some guidance here. I recently acquired this pair of JansZen electrostatic’s. Not sure if they’re worth anything but I’ve always wanted to try out an ESL. Have found very little info on these particular speakers.. 

Bought in unknown condition and am just looking for some advice to get them up and running. The original woofers have been replaced with a Foster 10”. Also, one of the panels has a parted wire which I’m not sure is repairable? 

I also understand they need mains power. The previous owner mentioned that he had them plugged into the back of his receiver. Are there certain receivers that were designed to pass through this power, or do they usually plug into a mains socket? 

Any info appreciated 













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Hi Tom,
I suggest you get in touch with Robert at eraudio, he knows a lot about Electrostatic speakers and he might be able to help you out.

Back in the old days, some amplifiers used to have switched and unswitched 240v 2 pin power outlets on the rear panel, so the original owner was probably using those outlets to power the electrostatic panels in these speakers.

Also you might be able to get some information from Janszen


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