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Rotel & Martin Logan

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I have a pair of Martin Logan 60XT Speakers which are about five yers old.

I am looking to buy a new amp to drive them and are considering the Rotel 1552 or the 1582.

I would be interested in knowing peoples views on which Rotel amp I should get?

Also, if anyone has a suggestion on an alternate amp I would be interested in hearing what they suggest?


Thanks in Advance.



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I A&B'd my Rotel 1582 against both my 990 and 960's (all of which I have had reconditioned).


In the 200w class I found the 990 to have a stronger grip on the bass and better treble - in the way of the 1582 sounding slightly muddy in comparison. The 960 has the same sound signature as the 990 but 60wpc.


I sold the 1582.

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