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TUI Record Browser from Soul to Sole Audio

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Item Condition: New
Shipping Options: Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Hastings
State: NZ
Payment Method: Paypal or Bank Transfer
Reason for selling: New Item

Introducing the TUI Record Browser from Soul to Sole Audio in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.






I designed and manufactured the TUI as a room friendly design for storing your favourite records. It is slim, so fits well into small spaces and holds about 80 records. It is an elegant, retro design and has been designed to look good as well as being very functional. Many record storage systems can look just a bit plain and functional and do not pass the WAF test. The TUI passes the WAF test hands down..:-) It is a very good looking piece of furniture!


The TUI is manufactured from 20mm bamboo ply and is hand sanded and oiled to a silky finish.  It has  "Playing Now" slot in the rear top section to display the record you are currently playing.


It has been designed as a flat pack model using "tongue and groove" fittings and "metal dowels and cams" to lock it all together


It can be sent internationally in a flat pack box and assembled in about 20 minutes.


You can also join multiple TUI units together using the supplied bolts to make a single bigger unit.


There have been many units sold in NZ and units have been exported to USA. There are 4 units permanently in the VPI House in New Jersey, storing their albums, and the TUI has been taken to various hi fi shows by US Distributors including THE Show in California and Axpona in Chicago.


Shipping from NZ to Australia is $80 by air courier.










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Thanks Demondes,

They do a job and look nice doing it. I just wanted to make something with a bit of style and not just functional and a bit ugly. There are cheaper options out there, and I used to use a beer crate in the old days. Don't think I would be allowed that option in the living room today...:-). Here's a photo I just took right now of my one beside the turntable. and also 4 of them at the VPI House in New Jersey. I showed Harry Weisfeld my brochure at Munich High End Show a couple of years ago and he liked them so much he ordered 4 for their showroom house.




TUI Record Browser VPI House.jpg

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