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FS: Sony TA-N9000ES and TA-E9000ES 5ch Class AB Pre/Power Amplifier

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Item Condition: Great
Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
Suburb or Town: Blakeview
State: SA
Payment Method: Cash/EFT
Reason for selling: Moving to my lesser ES 5.1ch amplifier.

Further Information:


Selling my Sony TA-N9000ES and TA-E9000ES combination pre-amplifier and power amplifier. These components are absolutely brilliant and built like a tank, weighing 24kg and 12.8kg respectively.

The N9000ES amplifier outputs 120W/8ohm on all 5 channels at 0.03% THD, or 220W/8ohm in BTL mode for 2 channel output. Additionally, in BTL mode, the 5th output remains free for 120W/8ohm to a centre channel, creating 3ch output. The preamp and power amp as a combination provide superb sound quality.


Both components were used to power a 2 channel system, with occasional 5.1 channel operation for home theatre. I can confirm that all outputs function flawlessly. 

The E9000ES preamp has an abundance of analog and digital inputs as pictured, and has been updated to the most recent Version 2.5 firmware. Both coaxial and optical digital inputs can accept a 5.1 channel signal, and a 2 channel, 24/96 signal.


Selling these components due to the fact my home theatre system is fairly modest and powering it with such a large Class AB pre/power is complete overkill.

Original RM-TP501E touchscreen remote control included and in great condition.




















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Sold, pending arrival of funds into account. Ad will be updated to reflect sale once confirmed and donation will be made.


Cheers for the positive feedback on the components - a brilliant set, well worth the 36.8kg combined weight and sheer size of each piece.


Thank you all.




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