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Item Condition: Used but working beautifully
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: 3134 Ringwood North
State: VIC
Payment Method: Paypal Cash EFT
Reason for selling: Not using much any more

Further information: The story

About 5 years ago, I bought a the bass units for these speakers from a Stereonet member for about $3300.  These are the original Wilsons in their crates. 


I then went on a mission to complete the set but the Tiny Tots were way beyond my budget.   I then searched and found 

 plans and specs, including the crossovers and drivers on the net . I was fortunate to find the Focal Tweeters and ScanSpeak Bass Mids NOS in Melbourne for about $1000 all up.  Then I found a cabinet maker in Melbourne who had been recommended by a Stereonet member and he built the Tots according to the specs and many internet images., including the grab handles which apparently were on the originals for ease of use in a studio. He recommended a spray painter who sprayed the speakers in a shiny black to match the bass units.

Next, Dr Sound built the crossovers,  using the very best components and I sourced the other hardware. 


These speakers weigh a ton.  And  even though I love lugging my speakers around, I cannot move them without help. 


Included are the 4 pieces, floor spikes, and I think I can find the grilles somewhere (no guarantee).  The Tots stand on the lip of the bass units and I used to adjust the angle with custom built wedges of three different degrees. (I suggest the same, but you have to make. source your own wedges)


Condition: Obviously these are used, so  don;t expect "mint"  - but they look and sound amazing. If you, like me, have often dreamt of a owning a massive world class speaker, these are just that.   For years, I used the Tots only and they are in my opinion, worth the asking price on their own.  (Check the specs, dimensions etc, on the net,)


Courier is  an option -- and is included in the price.



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Pair shiny.jpg

pair me.jpg


f + b 2.jpg

label woofer.jpg

Rear woofer.jpg


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12 hours ago, Trevor Whittle said:

The top is DIY (pro) and the bottoms are WIlson

Hi just wanted to ask what the top diy enclosure is made of?  


Enclosure material makes a huge difference to the sound of a speaker and Wilson's enclosure materials are usually proprietary.  Online it says for the top unit of the 6 : "The series-6 WATT was constructed of a mineral-filled acrylic-based material that had been used for the WATT for 15 years. "For the series-7 WATT, Wilson Audio turned to its M material, a high-tech composite that's used in varying degrees in the cabinets of all other Wilson Audio speakers.


Regardless of the material you have used its a fantastic clone effort and I'm sure they sound wonderful.



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      There is a tiny mark on one of the ear cups, I've tried to capture this in the photos below.
      RRP $499.


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