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Best cheap Bluetooth / Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Gday Headphoneista’s,


Looking for advice on cheap Bluetooth Noise cancelling headphones for our Teenage Niece.


Use case is with IPhone at night with usual music, games and YouTube diet.


The only one that stands out as being on a few recommended lists and being affordable is the JBL 750;


https://m.catch.com.au/product/jbl-tune-750-black-lightweight-over-ear-wireless-headphones-active-noise-cancelling-up-to-15-hours-6088810/?sid=Jbl 750&sp=3&st=32&srtrev=sj-30qeqbdn5w0rp6u35by2vh.click&emit_product_interaction_events&pid=6088810&oid=39801519

Budget is $120 or less preferably.


Any experience, advice or knowledge on alternatives would be greatly appreciated.



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1 hour ago, Jackybrown said:

Another option could be Edifier W860NB:




I have bought 3 other (non active noice cancelling) Edifier over ear headphones for my kids, they are very comfortable and the battery life is pretty good.




Will check them out. 👍

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3 minutes ago, GregWormald said:

Noise cancelling adds complexity that will usually mean reduced spend on sound quality. If she's using them at night, what noise is she cancelling?

Being a real night time person; there are a couple of protagonists, two younger boys in the house that don’t sleep well and she is in the room next to the parents in the house and mentioned hearing “noises”………


Being a good Uncle and Aunty, we are trying to relieve her sufferance to said “noises”.

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Been through a few NC headphones and the best in terms of comfort and noise cancellation at a low price range for me was the  Sony WH-1000XM3.  I think there's a second hand one here fs on the classifieds.  

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