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Hisense 85 U8G

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After much research, procrastination and internal conflict I have just purchased a Hisense 85 U8G to replace my TCL 75P8M.

I was almost going to buy the Samsung 85Q60A but thought the Hisense the better value.

Paid $3,450 Delivered from JB HiFi


Just wondering if anyone has one and if so what settings are you running.



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H Mate ,

Just an FYI , Aussie model U8G is different to US model.  Aus version has inferior panel and no hdmi 2.1 so can not do 120hz...If that is important to you. All glowing reviews I have seen are of US model. As long as you are aware and OK with no problem. It is also an IPS panel and not a VA panel like the previous Q8 .

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Some good points about this situation from Gizmodo -_-


Hisense Overhauls Aussie Website Over HDMI 2.1 Issue And Model Numbers (gizmodo.com.au)


edit; Hisense still doesnt mention VA or IPS panel [in the interests of transparency] or peak nit values which make all the difference for UHD HDR10 ;DV etc .  Glad I have last years high nit VA model and most games are still 4k/60 when x box x etc finally turn up down here 🤷‍♂️

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