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Decent size and quality monitor for use with Apple MacBook for video hearings (USB-C preferred, but Thunderbolt also OK)

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I am running a lot of legal proceedings online on an Apple MacBook, using Teams mainly, but other video-conferencing systems as well.


I need to be able to see the judges and witnesses properly, which can be difficult when there are three judges, and a long view of them, so they look pretty small! Hard to read the expressions on their faces.


I am looking at good quality screens, probably 4K, and probably 27inches, maybe 34.


I don't really have a budget in mind, but do want it to be USB-C preferably, or Thunderbolt. I am wondering about LG, Samsung.


The one on the Apple Website, an LG, looks good, but I don't know whether it is still available, and it is very expensive ($1900).


Any thoughts/experiences?



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On 28/08/2021 at 7:27 PM, Orpheus said:

The one on the Apple Website, an LG, looks good, but I don't know whether it is still available, and it is very expensive ($1900).

It's overkill.


For general video conference desktop use, all screens will qualify as good quality.    Don't skim on size.


USB-C is slightly restrictive (and limits you to premium monitors).  You could use an adapter/cable (USB-C to HDMI) there will be zero loss in performance.


I like:  https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/dell-ultrasharp-32-4k-usb-c-monitor-u3219q/apd/210-aqwr/monitors-monitor-accessories


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If it's really for watching video conference (eg. you really want to sit back and see the people, etc.) and you have the deskspace / distance.... I would look at 43".    Seems massive, yes.


Go a much more pedestrian price/premium... and get something like:  https://www.umart.com.au/Philips-43in-4K-UHD-Monitor--BDM4350UC_35083G.html  (will need USB to HDMI adaptor).



Also... don't forget the built in zoom in OSX.  https://alvinalexander.com/blog/post/mac-os-x/how-zoom-in-zoom-out-mac-osx-screen/


I use it all the time (CTRL + Mouse wheel) to zoom in termporarily to get a look at something.    It could be very handy for what you've described.

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Thanks, everybody! I ended up buying the one I've linked to. I didn't want bigger, because it would be too imposing on the desk. Also spent the day working out how to best calibrate it using the Mac OS calibration tools, & I'm very happy with the result. Also, paid about half the listed price through the Dell eBay store (with 20% extra off the already discounted price), so nice monitor for not much. I don't know whether I just like the picture better because I customised it, or whether it really is better 🙂.


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