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Wellfloat Extreme - An Exciting New Release!


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Most exciting news!


Wellfloat of Osaka Japan has released an extreme version of their delta platforms. Each of these platforms carry 200kg each and they are especially designed for speakers. The extreme version has a full metal jacket on top designed to decrease resonances even further.


These are at base an effective decoupling mechanism from floors esp wooden ones, however as described by many Hong Kong audiophiles - they also have higher functions to help 'liberate' energy from your speakers where  the average dB increase with these under a speaker is +3db plus increase your soundstage.


See more at www.luxaudio.com.au under the 'isolation' category. Wellfloat has in place an introductory price offer only for Luxaudio for the next few weeks. So if you are looking for these, now is the time👌👍😉


Quality Japanese craftsmanship at a decent introductory

price. Effective both for the ears and the pocket! 👍

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8 hours ago, Plasmod3 said:



So these are a platform for speakers, but the triangular shape for that purpose seems quite illogical…


What are the dimensions for the platform ? They aren’t available on your site.


Can you also confirm the introductory price for a pair 🙂 ?

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Hello Ray 


Thank you for your interest mate


It is triangular where each platform has 3 suspension mechanisms , one at each edge hence allowing the speaker to swing like a pendulum  which then dissipates energy rather than absorbing it , doing it this way means there is no creation of secondary or tertiary vibrations from the platform itself. Delta's suspension mechanism is  very much  that of a Cantilever mech with no springs involved or pneumatics involved.


The platform weighs 1.2kgs each and the dimensions are  150mm wide and 36mm tall


I will send you a message on the introductory price 🙂 👍.  Let me know if you have any other questions of course:-) Most happy to help in any way



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Interesting design concepts from Japan to be honest, I found it is smart rather illogical product 


if you look at similar wellknown products such as Townshendaudio Seismic Podiums, they are big chunk platforms which cause speaker footprint to become impractical in small room or when speakers are placed near footpath. 

Other footer designs such as IsoAcoustics or Stillpoints require to remove manufacture  footers, results might be “hit and miss” as users change speaker acoustic behavior from original intention of designer.

Wellfloat Extreme is an interesting product to check out, focusing on isolating speakers with floor rather altering anything of manufacturer footers.


quite lack of information of pricing even on overseas website, though, Ian’s stuff are always on the top end spectrum, 😂 need to check out price before asking




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