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Polk Legend L800 speaker review

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  • 2 years later...

I have a pair of these. I've also owned the older SDA 1.2TL 20+ years ago.

My memory is that the SDA 1.2TL are an exceptional speaker, and I don't think you can do better (assuming all the drivers and components are working well).

However this may just be my memory.

The new L800 are a fantastic speaker also. My set hasn't really been driven in yet, but they sound great.

I asked the Mrs to sit in the middle to tell me which speakers were running, and she thought all 3 front speakers were running. When I told her it was only the 2 main ones, she was stunned. To this day she talks about the 'thing' that these speakers do.

I think they are great value for money, but I don't think they're as good as the originals.

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