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FS: OS projector screen - Reirodoru (made in Japan)

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Item:  OS Projector Screen - 90" motorized tab tension
Location: Woodlands Drive 62
Price: 5000
Item Condition: 
Reason for selling:  Wrong dimension
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paynow
Extra Info: 

 I am very happy with my current OS motorized screen therefore I intended to upgrade to 90" motorized tab tension Reirodoru 4K flagship screen (made in Japan), gain 2.7. It designs especially for laser 4k PJ and ready for 8k PJ. I used sample cloth of this screen to make comparison with Steward Screen ($7800) and Elite screen ($2100). I also observed the WB of this flagship screen from Japan during a demo. The PQ is really pop-up and better therefore I love it so much although it is not a cheap screen.

Reirodoru won so many awards (please google it).


You can spend money to buy an expensive Sony or JVC 4k PJ so don't ruin it with a lousy screen. You will regret it!

It is the same thing when you buy speakers and amplifiers. Both must be good otherwise one of them will degrade the sound.


The usual price is $5800 but Sound Decision (SD) gave me a special price of $5600 coz I am their regular customer. I sell at my loss of $5000, you gain $600 with a full 1-year warranty from SD. It arrived yesterday after waiting for 2 months shipment from Japan and still in sealed and wrapped nicely with plastic (brand new).

I sell it because I make mistake in measurement. It can't fit, the length is too long  .

Invoice from Sound Decision and packing list is available.


fyi: The 1st picture is my current OS screen (for 1080p), The 2nd photo is Reirodoru information.

Photos (you must include photographs here)

OS current.jpg

OS spec.jpg

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