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FS : Traded in PLiXiR Balanced AC power Conditioners (various Models). Jan 2021 update.

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Reviews : https://www.plixirpower.com/pages/reviews


Existing owners of PLiXiR products (ANY vintage) are ALWAYS welcome to trade in (at a fair value) for the high performance Elite or value for money Cube / Elementa Balanced AC Power Conditioners!  This is our PLiXiR pledge to our supporters and users!


We also welcome trade ins of other brand's of AC power conditioning products for our PLiXiR balanced AC power conditioners.  Contact us for more details!


PLiXiR Power Products.  Designed and Proudly Made in Singapore.



PLiXiR Balanced AC Power Conditioner Trade in Units.




We have sold more than 2000 of our PLiXiR balanced AC Power conditioners to happy users in Singapore and worldwide.


Isolate : Isolate your hifi system from the harmful AC mains noise.  True balanced transformer winding method further enhances noise cancellation and immunity over traditional pure isolation design.  With a lower AC mains noise, system noise floor get lowered, your equipment works better and the net result is improved NATURAL resolution with NO CHANGE IN TONE and TIMBRE.


Recondition  : Special winding technique akin to tube output transformer winding methods lowers the power impedance off which your equipment draws power from.  This means your equipment draws power from a lower impedance source than the AC mains substation, improving dynamics and power delivery (when the right sized PLiXiR BAC is used).


Grounded : With our true balanced transformer winding, there is no ground loop current flow over a conventional design.  This means a much lower noise floor and previous hums from ground loop will be eliminated with the use of PLiXiR. 


Timeless :  As our AC Power conditioners are based from a balanced transformer (a passive component), they sound better with age as it gets more and more burnt in.  There are no active electronic circuits nor batteries that degenerate and are prone to failure over time due to the high power delivery nature of AC power conditioner.  A PLiXiR Balanced AC Power Conditioner will last a life time with proper use.


See actual Users comments like you and me!  : https://www.plixirpower.com/blogs/testimonials/tagged/elementa-power-series


We have some pre-used trade in units for sale.  Below are the options :


Pre-Used Trade in Units PLiXiR Balanced AC Power Conditioner

These will be rechecked and rewired to the latest version (for updated and best performance) and re-warranty for 1 year (same as new units). There might be some scratches and blemishes on the units


For information on the models below : https://www.plixirpower.com/collections/all



Flagship Series Elite BAC


1 x Elite BAC 3000.  3000 Watt.  8 USA outlets.  Trade in unit.  Price SGD$3300  Usual Price Brand New $5400. 


1 x Elite BAC 3000 Preconditioner.  3000W 2 USA outlets.  Silver Color.  Trade in unit.  Price SGD$3000.  Usual Price Brand New $5000


1 x Elite BAC 1000.  1000 Watt.  4 USA outlets.  Trade in unit.  Price SGD$1700  Usual Price Brand New $2700. 


1 x Elite BAC 150. 150Watt 2 USA outlets for Source. Trade in unit. Price SG$450. Usual Price Brand New $790.



Cube BAC

1 x Cube 4 BAC.  750W.  Trade in unit.  4 USA outlets.  Few months old.  Selling $900.  Usual Price $1600.  


1 x Cube 8 BAC.  2280Watt.  Trade in unit.  8 USA outlets.  Few months old.  SGD$2200.  Usual Price $3300




For the Elite and Cube BAC above, we can change to UK style power outlets (with additional workmanship fees).



Elementa BAC

1 x Elementa BAC 2500. 2500W. Brand new B stock (with blemish on casing). 6 USA outlets. SG$1000. Usual Price SG$1450.


1 x Elementa BAC 1100. 1100W. Brand new B stock. (with Blemish on casing). 4 USA outlets. SG$600. Usual Price SGD$900



First Generation PLiXiR BAC

1 x BAC 3000. 3000W. Trade in unit. With upgraded Japan Hospital grade USA sockets (all 6 USA sockets). SG$800. Usual Price when New SG$2000.


1 x BAC 500. 500W. Trade in unit. 4 USA outlet. SG$350. Usual Price when new SGD$800.





Sound Affairs Pte Ltd

email : sales@mysoundaffairs.com



110 Lorong 23 Geylang

#06-03, Victory Centre

Singapore 388410


Tel : 9694 9704. (11am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday.  Strictly by appointment basis.  Thank you for understanding).

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