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SOLD: FS: IBM Model M Keyboard. Made by IBM in USA. 1990/1991

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Item: IBM Model M Keyboard. Made by IBM in USA. 1990/1991
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Price: $100 pick up, $120 shipped
Item Condition: Incredible condition. Basically flawless. Excellent, especially for a 23 year old keyboard.
Reason for selling: Too many keyboards, too little hands!
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Shipping - PayPal Gift/Bank Deposit
Extra Info: I've managed to get my hands on another rare piece of computer history- another IBM Model M. This was used as my main stay in my office for the past year, I bought it for AUD150. Recently I've prepared it by soaking every plastic part in a cleaning solution, then cleaning every keycap individually by hand with methylated spirits, the clamshell has also been cleaned by hand with methylated spirits.

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