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Fs: Apogee Mini Grand (stage, subs, active xover) - $1800

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* Item full name and model etc. Apogee Mini Grands. Anthracite (dark gray) with Rosewood sides.

* Location: Melbourne

* Item condition description: excellent. Custome made cloth covers that fit over the stages to keep dust and fingerprints and light from getting to them when not in use. Very ocassional resonance on the left channel (part of the foam damping the bass ribbon) a common fault but very seldom heard on music and its like at one frequency so you almost never hear it. When the subs are connected to the stage ribbons problem almost disappears because the subs are reproducing the frequency.

* Price and price condition: Pickup only. Too large and delicate to ship.

. Donation to Sna if these sell through stereonet.

* Reason for selling: Way too many speakers and not enough room. Further these were in storage for three years and cost more to store than they cost me to buy.

* Payment Methods: cod

* Extra Info: these speakers are recognised as a true classic. One of the best midranges on the planet (many reviewers preferred to original Quad 57's on voice, whilst having superb bass, highs and imaging which is massive and really does the disappearing walls trick. I lusted after these speakers for years after hearing them in the best hifi system i had heard many years ago.

It took something like two years to find the nicest pair i could and these are superb. I through out boxes and custom made shipping wooden crates just a few months ago (because they were taking up too much space so local pickup only (sorry)).

The subs go doen flat in the right room to 18hz. And they come with the active crossover or you can ise the Apogee stages as they are perched on top for the full range ribbon experience.

A huge number of reviews on the net from all the famous publications and owners. If you look on e Apogee forums they are seen as the best sounding Apogees (Along with the Grand and perhaps the fullrange, both incredibly rare, huge and expensive). The ribbon for the mid and bass had far less distortion than the other Apogees because they used a wave style pattern to the cutting of the ribbons resulting in far lower distortion and much better sound. All this info available on the net.

Will be listing on Ebay in a few days if they dont sell here.

Ill try and upload photos in the next day or so if they havent sold. Available for inspection and listening prior to purchase.

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Thanks Bryan. If they arent sold in a couple of days ill organise photos.

They are the most popular colour which is the Anthracite (dark grey) with matching Rosewood side panels and are as close to mint as you will find.

I just wanted a quick sale hence the low price.

I have a few people keen on these with two of those buying pending inspection this week.

Will make a donation to SNA.

Thank you again.


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