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Starting (almost) from scratch - advice on building a sub $1500 system.

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I've been toying with getting firstly, new speakers, then a new amp and a new player (bluray/CD/SACD plus usb input) but I think I've been budgeting too low.


I'm now looking at getting these three components as soon as I can find them all. They will complement my Rega RP1 TT, plus I have a Tuner and tape player (yep, sometimes I use it) from my current system (both Denon F-88) which I'll keep on as they get little use and probably not worth upgrading.


What can I expect to get for this kind of money? What should be considered in terms of matching the components?


Thanks for your thoughts.



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Guest fordgtlover

Something like this $300:



or this



and this $320:



I know nothing about SACD players, but there's a Pioneer one on the bay for $380:



Total = $1,000 for some very nice audio pleasure.


I would worry less about component matching and more on getting the best individual components for the money.


That would be my approach, but YMMV

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Floor standers or bookshelves for the speakers?


Personally I think more of the budget should be spent on the speakers (usher's aside- the great for the $$) and you will be able to add an S/H amp and spinner for less. $1500 is plenty to get you going. 

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Well I have just purchased some beautiful floor standing speakers, so that part is taken care of.


Next priority is the amplifier. Phono input is pretty much essential. I don't really want to have to buy a separate phono stage, unless the price difference is justified to have to get both units separately.


I'm re-evaluating what kind of disc player I want to get. It would be great to have something newish which plays blu ray and SACD and has a USB input for digital media. But then it throws up the question of getting a separate DAC, or an amp with something like that built in. I'm pretty sure my current CD player is nothing special, but I honestly don't know how much influence a better CD player makes. I'd rather have a more streamlined system, for financial and space reasons!

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The speakers sound great with my current setup, but they've made the weaknesses in my amp completely transparent.


I'm all about physical media, so I don't think a streamer would work for me. I'm thinking a BDP (or amp) with some digital input capabilities would be sufficient for my purposes in that regard.


Thanks for the suggestion Damo I might check it out.


I've been watching what's coming up for sale here, but I've also been tempted to go down the tube pathway.

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Tubes -  are great if you don't need the power, however from my limited experience i have not been impressed by cheap tube amps.  Eg Under 2K retail.  Many wiser than I have advised that the iron makes a big difference and it don't come cheap.


I'm thinking vintage solid state (cheap) or not over budget like a Rega and save up for nice tube.  Just my thoughts. 

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