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Free - NAD 5300 CD Player

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NAD 5300 Cd Player

Gold Coast

$0 - or Postage paid by buyer.

Item Condition:
Not Playing Disks - Good Cosmetically

Reason for selling:
Not working - replaced by one that is

Payment Method:
Pickup - Post if you Pay

Extra Info:
Luc was kind enough to give me this CD Player as an interim measure as it was working for him the last time he used it.  Alas when I got her back to my place I could not get then unit to spin or play the cd's.  Powers up and tray opens - but no spin.  Someone should be able to get her going- if no one wants her then the unit's outlook is not so good.  Can post if your willing to pay for it. 

maybe latter.

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Yeah sorry about that Damo but like you say it was working and maybe if somebody took the lid off this it might get back to being a goer.


This is the unit, not the greatest pics but there ya go and i see Geoff might have a solution!




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