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SOLD: FS: Anti-Cables Speaker Cables L2 (6 foot pair)

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Item: Anti-Cables Speaker Cables L2 (6 foot pair)
Location: Clayton, Melbourne
Price: $80 $60 posted in Australia
Item Condition: Almost brand new, minor kinks (unavoidable)
Reason for selling: Not needed
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit
Extra Info: Purchased from Audio Addiction earlier this month, these are a 6 foot pair with Banana terminations on one end and spades on the other. As anyone who has owned AntiCables will tell you, they are extremely stiff (solid core construction) and inevitably develop kinks. I've straightened them out to the best of my ability and then re-wound them for packing, but some minor kinks remain (obviously doesn't affect the sound). Shipping is free to Australia.


More info: http://audioaddiction.net.au/shop/anticables-speaker-cables-level-2


Pics: Stock


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