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NO LONGER AVAILABLE: FS: GRYPHON MOJO Standmount Speakers w/stands

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Item: Gryphon Mojo Standmount Speakers w/stands
Price: $12500 ONO Less than 2 years old
Item Condition:Mint
Reason for selling:$
Payment Method: Courier or Pickup - Cash, Paypal, direct deposit,COD Only
Extra Info:These were bought new, still have original boxes and manuals-priced with matching stands


"Known as the ‘Mojo' the innovative new speaker is finished with the same ‘soft-feel' urethane paint finish used by Mercedes Benz for its dashboards. According to Gryphon's founder and CEO, Flemming E. Rasmussen, not only does this surface have an ‘inviting tactile sensation' but it also means he can provide the speakers in a wide range of custom colours. However, for those who prefer a harder surface, other custom finishes are available in semi-gloss two-pack automotive paint. Gryphon claims that when the Mojo is installed on its dedicated stand, it is one of the only loudspeakers in the world that is able to deliver perfect phase at all frequencies at all times, thanks to its time-aligned, concave front baffle curvature. ‘Typically, speakers claiming time alignment employ a simple sloped front that is far less complicated and costly to build and assemble than the Mojo's concave baffle,' said Rasmussen. ‘But a concave baffle is the only way to achieve true time alignment for exceptional levels of transparency and musical realism. The curved baffle also reduces reflections from the floor and ceiling for enhanced clarity.' The new Mojo is 200×420×520mm (WDH) and uses components rarely found in loudspeakers, such as Duelund Coherent Audio graphite resistors, Jensen capacitors, Jensen air-core paper/oil inductors and low-memory, precision capacitors from Germany. Says Rasmussen: ‘Unlike most loudspeakers, Mojo is not built to a pre-determined price point. This allows us to employ fine hand-made components rarely seen in speakers of this sizeor any size, for that matterbecause of their prohibitive cost.' Despite its exotic internal components, the most unusual feature of the Mojo is its ultra-wideband Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter, which is fitted with interchangeable rear-mounted resistors that allow the user to choose a mild high-frequency roll-off (–0.5dB), neutral response (0dB) or mild boost (+0.5 dB). ‘This gives the Gryphon Mojo the ideal high frequency response in virtually any room and the ability to integrate perfectly with the acoustics of the listening space,' says Rasmussen. ‘Because of its large surface area and pleated diaphragm, the AMT driver moves a large air volume with minimal motion for lightning-fast transients with a frequency response that's flat to well beyond 38kHz, negligible distortion and a total absence of compression.' The speakers will retail in Australia for $27,000 per pair."


These are amaziing speakers that I will hate to see go but hopefully will find a good home. Bought less than 2 years ago.

post-110225-0-31638300-1342951043_thumb. post-110225-0-00129500-1342951066_thumb. post-110225-0-08404900-1342951091_thumb. post-110225-0-70322400-1342951144_thumb. post-110225-0-76624100-1342951231_thumb. post-110225-0-63565200-1342951251_thumb. post-110225-0-02256000-1342951275_thumb.http://www.gryphon-audio.dk/

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