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SOLD: EOI: Blumenstein Orcas With Matching Subs plus Stands

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Item: Blumenstein Orca Full Range Speakers with Matching Subs with Stands all in Caramelized Bamboo

Location: Gladstone, QLD

Price: $1800 plus postage

Item Condition: Orcas excellent but used, one stand slight chip from moving, subs still in boxes

Reason for selling: Different Direction

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only

Extra Info: Blumenstein Audio is a small Husband and Wife company that hand make all their speakers. Clark Blumenstein apprenticed with Terry Cain and has been dubbed, by some, as taking up where Terry (RIP) left off. Currently they only have one model of speaker which is the Orca. The Orca is a full range speaker that contains the Fostex FF85K 3" driver that delivers a sound bigger than you would expect for such a small speaker. Although the sensitivity does not seem high my 2a3 set had more than enough grunt. More info here:




The Orca has its limitations which is mainly in the bass area, while still quite acceptable for the size, Blumenstein do offer subs to fill out the low end. Info on the subs here: 






I currently have this listed as EOI because the subs are still on their way/being made. For any interested buyers i could get in contact with Blumenstein and get the subs shipped directly to you (i have already payed for shipping) and all i would have to post to you would be the Orcas and Stands. 


What you get:


Pair of Orcas

Pair of Orca Stands 

Pair of Orca Subwoofers

Pair of Orca Subwoofer Amps 250 watts

Pair of Orca Subwoofer Base Plates

Orca Floor Stander Conversion Kit 

All Required Speaker Cables to Connect it all up Terminated with Banana Plugs( a pair of 3m, 1.5m and 1m Blue Jeans Speaker Cable) 


The floorstander conversion kits is basically an option to mount the Orcas on a mini speaker stand connecting to the subs. More info on the Floorstander conversion kits here:




All this was ordered through Audio Salon and cost around $3300 shipped but im asking $1800 plus postage, which is less than the Subs alone, and the subs are brand new not even in the country as of yet.  If anyone is interested ill also add in the Bottlehead Stereomour 2a3 amp for $400. Amp Sold.


Reviews :




Pictures: Pics of the Orcas and stands to come tomorrow, all the rest is on the website.

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I helped a friend who wanted to get rid of the basic Harvey Norman type system and get some decent sound without spending heaps. And had to be small and non intrusive. So I got the Orcas from Audio Salon, just the standard speakers, no sub. Amp used is a little Carot, valve pre and class d amp that I think puts out about 5W. Amazing sound for the money, and my friend could not be happier.

I did give the Orcas a run in my rig also, and those little boxes sure pack some punch with some excellent detail. Would be interesting to hear the full setup with subs and dedicated stands.


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I own the Orca's and love them. Easily driven my a 2-3 wpc amp to sensible listening levels. Take an age to run in, so these are better than new.


I agree with Voignier - it would be very interesting to hear these with subs. VERY high WAF - my wife loves them.

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Not that Vortexjah needs any endorsements, but I bought a TT from him a few months back.

He sold it to me for a very fair price, was polite and honest in his dealings, and packed it impeccably.

He seems to have a keen eye for audio gear that performs well above its price point.

Good luck with the sale of your speakers, Vort.



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Thanks for all the nice comments guys.

Good question Gemini.  I have posted this up as an EOI although the system is definitely for sale. The reason I have done this is because the subs are still on the way/being made, I already have the orcas and stands. My thinking was someone could pick up the whole system at a good price and have the subs sent to them brand new directly from the USA to save shipping costs for the buyer and double handling/ organising shipping of the extra boxes for me. The whole package will be about 6 boxes. Ill even set up communications between the buyer and Blumenstein to help things along.


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why has this gear come up for sale, especially seeing some of it's not even in-country yet?


People sell for many reasons. If you love single drivers and want the Quad like 57 imaging and presence but with bass this is it. Very rare - never seen a set second hand yet. 


The Orca's are very warm but agile speakers made with great care. The quality is first rate.

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Thanks again hoppy :)

For anyone that's interested, I have been in contact with Molly and Clark Blumenstein in regards to the subs. They are just starting on them now and are going to hold them there until I have a buyer. If I don't get a buyer they will be sent once I have moved house in about a months time.

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