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my first post. buying lenehan M2 reference speakers


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hi everyone

i'm a boomer born '46 who lives in the hills behind byron bay in a solar powered house (off grid).

my system bought in '89 is/was a marantz PM 45 and monitor audio R352 speakers.

my onkyo 5500 cd player died a few years ago, and i've not been listening to anything good for a while.

recently we (wife and i) got onto wireless broadband and i discovered internet radio Aardvark Blues, and i realised i have to get back into hifi...the MA's were sounding a bit worn and the marantz appeared to be dropping a channel now and then so....

i started looking for a new system....

have been on a 6 week journey researching madly (SO MUCH PRODUCT) here on Stereo.net and web generally, and listening to some nice gear such as sonus faber auditor M, Monitor Auditor Pl100, Unison Research Primo hybrid amp, but couldn't make the digital connection, meanwhile a vinyl fanatic up my way convinced me to start from that end so i bought a Rega RP6 first!!!!....


then i saw a reference to Mike Lenehan's hand built speakers from the Gold Coast, rang him up, and he convinced me he could make digital play from my macbook BETTER than vinyl , and he just happened to have a pair of M2 reference just traded in, not yet run in, so i raced up to his "factory", loved the soundstage and clarity and rather jumped in, bought them, and a class D Arion 250 watt power amp he was playing which draws little power (an important consideration for offgrid applications),

...then i realised i had no preamp or dac so he sold me a GrantFidelity Tubedac 11 for $385 which seemed like good value and a $50 phono stage to get the Rega RP6 going...

i brought it home and after an initial "high" i started hearing things that freaked me like thin or brittle treble and some boring bass areas (i do have degraded hearing !!!)....i was really freaked...HOWEVER....i had ordered a Schiit bifrost dac a few weeks ago from a recommendation i saw on this site (THANKS), and it just arrived after a bit of a drama, so i put it  in front of the marantz and the lenehans and WOW, everything turned great again, and i'm gonna keep these reference M2 speakers... the weird thing is the marantz sounds great with the bifrost and lenehans, and i cant really tell much difference with the Arion amp and a Cyrus preamp that Makka loaned me.....anyway its VERY early days with this gear, and i'm considering taking the Arion back (I still have to buy the Lenehan stands for these speakers)

thanks to Victor (VHMF on stereonet) for mentioning the bifrost dac (he said its AWESOME and i had come to respect his knowledge) and also mentioning Lenehan M2, and special thanks to my friend Makka (stereonet) for supporting me on my journey, and my entry once again into this great hobby..... there are so many good systems around

cheers everyone

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G'day Neighbour, I'm not far away from you in Lismore and it sounds like your system is coming on in leaps and bounds. Gee being offgrid I wonder how the recently sold RedWine Audio Mono Blocs would of gone at your place being battery powered?

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Hi mate. Welcome and congrats on your first post.

Now you can see the rest of the forum!


I recommended a Graham Slee Era Gold V to him.

I have the Special ed II with PSUi and love it but have heard the V is a lot better.

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thanx everyone for your great replies


"It looks as though there's at least one ageing tree frog that won't be croaking any time soon. "

   Art Vandelay, thats a top line and a top sense of humour...much appreciated

thanks djb for the tip on loaners

and makka and AJ for your phono tips....makka maybe we can trial your Slee sometime


LogicprObe i like you support my choice
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