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BK Electronics Subwoofers, anyone with experience of them?

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am looking into getting a subwoofer, and saw a few posts on BK subwoofers from the UK


In particular am tempted by the monolith or monolith+ or XXLS 400



1. They seem to have a pretty good rep from reviews/posts on other forums

2. They can do different finishes, in particular gloss white (which the wife insists on...)

3. The downward firing models, aesthetics wise, would also get a big nod from "the boss" as they can pass as a side table/furniture instead of a subwoofer


Looking for:

1. HT is more of a priority, maybe 70% vs music

2. Looking for that impact during deep bass scenes etc, and also decent bass for music (although not a crazy bass-head or into explosions that rock the foundation of house and make picture frames fall off walls)


Anyone with any experience of the above subs, would love to hear any feedback


Also incase anyone else has looked at them and is unsure of shipping costs, the quotes i got for shipping to WA (so i assume all of oz would be reasonably similar):

XXLS 400 = 148 pounds

Monolith = 228 pounds

monolith+ = not sure, but will be slightly more than monolith as its heavier by a few kilos


Also anything you buy from UK, you can divide the price by 1.2 as you wont pay VAT. So the monolith came in at roughly 450 pounds/1.2 = 380 pounds + 228 = 608 pounds delivered. Thats about $915 aus... lol i have a bit of a mental block when i realise that shipping is more than 1/3 the cost of the actual unit!!!!





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