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SOLD: FS: Rega Apollo CD Player (Black)

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Item: Rega Apollo
Location: Adelaide (Beulah Park)
Price: $650 (negotiable)

Item Condition: 9/10 The player is in perfect working condition and immaculate physcial condition. It's almost like new as I have looked after it most carefully (like most people on this forum with their equipment).

Reason for selling: In need of funds/downsizing number of my belongings.
Payment Method: PAYPAL, Pickup - Cash, COD.
Extra Info: It still comes with the original box, and manual(s) and remote, etc.


Purchased November 2009. I moved out of home not long after purchasing it, and it was kept safely in it's original packaging in the cupboard until I recently claimed it again. Although I've owned it for 3 years, it has been used very little due to not having it around for much of the time.


I'm happy to ship it however the buyer would like, and to wherever. If you live within the area you can pick it up/check it out.

if you have any questions just ask :)







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Nice bit of kit this, I have one the same vintage same condition and I love the Star Trek Enterprise loader absolutely mechanical and so easy to use, no electrical noise whatsoever, the original Rega carry handle case is an absolute bonus as it is a very secure, thick cardboard box and it travels well.


Its no slouch when it comes to reproduction of input, if it has a fault then it is that it can get a bit picky if you lump 350 mp3's on to a CD-RW and you decide to  skip here there and everywhere; remember it's British and the Poms like to have a place for everything and everything in it's place so the Apollo will dutifully organise every mp3 so you'll end up sometimes with all the first tracks, all the second tracks, all the 7th tracks...all organised for you in numerical order. :lol:  I've learnt  the the trick is not click and drag whole folders of music to your burner, just select the actual albums and then the Apollo really does like you.


Good luck with the sale,  it's a quality CDP and anyone thinking about moving up the food chain should consider this Apollo which looks in top nick.


* They hold their value at this age+level, originally a $1500+rrp they have now plateaued out and the OP's asking price reflects this.



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