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FS: Emotiva XSP-1 Differential Reference Preamp

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Emotiva XSP-1 Differential Reference Preamp

Tuart Hill W.A.

$820 plus freight. Estimate around $30 to $40

Item Condition:
Very good

Reason for selling:
EOI at the moment as I am sort of undecided which PreAmp to sell. Now For sale.

Payment Method:
Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only

Extra Info:
I think it was around $160 for freight from Emotiva.

There are a couple of things about the XSP-1 but they have been fixed or soon will be.

1. The power supply board had a capacitor fail. Emotiva sent a whole new power suppy board out. So I had all the caps in the old board replaced with higher quality ones (19 of them)  Replaced were the chinese caps which are rated at 85 degrees with Panasonic FC/FM and Nichicon rated at 105 degrees.

So there is 2 working power supply boards. (1 new original one from Emotiva)

Brought in Sept 2012 and it came with a 5 year fully transferable warranty.

2. The original remote control has a bit of the writing coming off. I emailed Emotiva and they sent out a new one. So it comes with 2 remotes.

I think I read there was a known problem with some of the printing on some of the XSP-1  remotes, now fixed.

It is a great Preamp but I have too much gear at the moment. I have all the packaging(double boxed) and the silver ends.







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Not sure as I did not use it for a week while I waited on the capacitors.

So it was was not really possible to remember the sound before. It does sounds great though before and after the change. Really like all the connection options and the bass management.

I also do like that you can add a little to the topend or bass without really affecting the sound. It is subtle but very welcome.

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