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An Introduction from Adelaide


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Hi everyone, thought I'd do the courteous thing and introduce mysel. My names Stuart and I live in Adelaide. I used to be a member on these forums several years back but have since forgotten my password, and the associated email account from then has also been shut down. I originally can to these forums to learn and engage with hifi and audio, and while I haven't been active online for a while now, I have continued to enjoy high end audio (by the standards of my relatively modest system).

The reason I've reregistered is because sadly I'm looking to sell some of my gear as money is needed, and I would enjoy passing it onto someone active in a audio community who I know would enjoy and look after my (former) gear.

Aside from the classifieds movitvating me, I'd love to again start chatting with like minded people about an interest not many others in my life share.

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