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SOLD: FS: Grado Reference Platinum Stereo Cartridge (MM, wood-bodied, 4.8mV)

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Item:  Grado Reference Platinum stereo cartridge (6gms weight, 4.8mV output, 1.5gm tracking)

Location:  Melbourne

Price:  $299 + postage

Item Condition:  Excellent, lightly used

Reason for selling:  Replaced by the top Grado

Payment Method:  PayPal or cash on pickup

Extra Info:  I bought this Reference Platinum several years ago as a backup cartridge for when I had to send my Benz LOMC back to the factory for re-tipping.  This happened twice ... so the Reference Platinum is very lightly used - I would estimate approx 200 hours.


Recently, I purchased the top Grado HOMM .. so this Reference Platinum is surplus to requirements.






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Hi Andy, any thoughts on how this might go with my Yamaha GT750 ?


Hi Trevor,


I spent a bit of time Googling, trying to get some info on the GT750 ... to no avail!! :(


Does your User Manual tell you what range of cartridge weights it is set up for?

Alternatively, does the manual tell you the arm's effective mass (then I can look up the VinylEngine database to see what resonant requency will result from a 6gm cartridge)?






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Have to tell you all that this cartridge is currently on hold for Whatmore.  I will report back if the sale doesn't go through (we're just sorting out a problem created by the headshell he currently has on his arm - which does not have bolt holes which go right through the headshell ... which the Grado (and most cartridges) requires).






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