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SOLD: FS: Red Wine Audio Signature 70.2 Monoblocks

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Item: Red Wine Audio Signature 70.2 Monoblocks
Location: Sydney, NSW. Happy to ship interstate at buyers expense (boxes are ~10kg each)
Price: $1600, RRP $5000. Includes 70.2 partial upgrade ($1000/pair) + new batteries.
Item Condition: Very good. I am the second owner. They were purchased new in 2008. See pics.
Reason for selling: I picked these up from a local seller on Audiogon in December. At 70W/ch I was coming in a bit low in terms of the power requirements for my KEF LS50s, but I wanted the RWA sound. Alas the KEFs proved too demanding (85db w/3.2ohm dip), so I have to sell them :(
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


These are a pair of Red Wine Audio Signature 70.2 SLA battery powered monoblock amplifiers. For the uninitiated, check out these two reviews:

"The Red Wine Audio Signature 70 monoblocks are revolutionary products and among the more satisfying amplification components I have heard to date, tube or solid-state. They offer stunning detail without sounding analytical or sterile and possess a vanishing low noise floor. They confidently travel the neutral ground between solid-state and valves. Think of them as the audiophile version of Switzerland."
And re: the upgrade:
"The Signature 70.2 partial upgrade at $1,000 seems like a guaranteed winner. I cannot imagine anyone smitten with the originals who wouldn't realize a predictable increase in sound quality without downsides. As opposed to spending that money elsewhere in hopes of achieving superior sound, this one's a given. In that light, it seems like a tremendous value."
They are 70W/ch with pure DC power supplied to the amps via internal Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) batteries. This might sound (excuse the pun) a bit odd (it did to me at first), but read the reviews above (or my spiel below) for details on how this takes overall sonics to the next level.
In short, thanks to being powered by SLA battery, they pretty much eliminate AC noise from the picture. If you've done any power conditioning on your system, you'll know how big a difference this makes. For those using stock IEC cables into a Dick Smith power strip, your mind/ears will be blown (figuratively, of course).
The sound just leaps out at you, and is incredibly detailed and inviting. One of RWA's core design principles is an emphasis on uncoloured musicality. You won't find any sibilance or harshness here, just pure listening pleasure. They really took me several steps closer to that elusive, authentic simulation of artists in a studio/on a stage.
The amps were sent in to RWA for the 'partial upgrade' detailed in the second review above (i.e. the electronics were upgraded, but not the faceplate) and have new SLA batteries that should be good for a couple of years. Flick a switch at the back to turn them 'on' (i.e. over to battery), and you're good to go. With an approx. 20-hour run time, I've never (and neither did the original owner apparently) run out of juice. 
I had to roll the dice on this one - either the KEFs went or the RWAs did. As I purchased the KEFs new, I decided to continue my quest for something with enough juice (but beautiful sound, not just power) to drive them. Am hoping I don't regret this in the coming months. And so goes this hobby of ours..
Donation to SNA on successful completion of sale, too.









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please, someone buy these before i do.


You buy them.

Good luck with the sale OP

And Loki start making some room for these...:-)

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I'm surprised they won't drive KEF LS50s properly. Mine are singing along nicely with a Naim Nait 5i. It isn't even cracking a sweat.


Still, I know that these RWA are wonderful amplifiers,amazingly musical and coherent,whoever buys these will be very happy.

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