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Suggestions for a Power Amp

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I'm in the process of researching a new system, I'm not out to spend 10,000+ on audio, already done that with my camera gear, but I do like music, I've been a bass player for over 25 years and still play. 


I have a very nice set (to me anyway) of Monitor Audio GS10's, they are 88db, 100RMS and MA recommend a amp in the 40-100w range, um thats a big range.


I'm thinking of using a Woo Audio WA2 as a preamp, I would have bought one for my headphone amp but to big for my desk so I went a WA6 instead. The WA2 is more tube like, warmer that the WA6 and I think would be a nice match for the MA's that are very clean and detailed (well to me anyway)


So I do like the warmth of tubes, but I still like all the detail and clarity to be there.


Any suggestions on a good power amp in the 80+ range that would match this system, I guess I don't want to spend a fortune but up to $2,000 would get me something decent I guess



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