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dBpoweramp & JRiver....Tagging!

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I hope you find this useful.



I use dBpoweramp to Rip and Tag. JRiver to play only.


I have always had success with the way I did it and have not had the 'lost file' problem, with random songs collected into an 'Unassigned Album'. Until now....


I Rip to .aiff and only use the basic tags plus Replaygain.


Recently though, some, but not all of my newly ripped files have had a tagging problem.


JRiver says there are no tags. Well, yes there are, I can see them using the dBpoweramp Edit function.


I use dBpoweramp 14.3, it is the latest version. However I noticed in the Beta version 14.4 that the changlog mentioned .aiff tagging is fixed. Hooray!!!


I have installed the Beta over my existing program and yes tagging is fixed. JRiver can now read the tags and no more lost files.


If you also have this problem and do not want to get the CD's out again, you can use Batch Ripper to do the lot in one go. For me it was .aiff to .aiff, the tags are rewritten and JRiver sorts them out properly.


If you add the DSP effect 'Delete source file' then you will not end up with duplicates.


I always 'Clear' the library and 'load from a single file' when adding new stuff.


Happy ripping!





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