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SOLD: Audio-gd c39 mkIII preamp

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Item:  Audio-gd C39 MKIII preamp

Location: Perth, WA

Price: 675 SOLD

Item Condition:  excellent - one miniscule mark on the side and one tiny scratch underneath. Otherwise unmarked.

Reason for selling: different direction, HT is where i find myself spending more of my time, so this isnt getting the use it deserves

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank transfer

Extra Info:

Bought this off a fellow SNA'r in late September. Its a very accurate preamp, and ive found it a pleasure to use. Its built like an absolute tank, i think this is the audio-gd style. The preamp is basically in the same state as i received it and has been treated with the utmost care. Remote is also in tip top shape.


One funny thing to note is that the RCA inputs are 1 & 4, whereas they are marked as 1 & 3. This is confirmed the same as another SNA'r who had the C39 MKIII. His had a sticker stuck over input 3, relabelling it, so i think it is something that quite a few units must have. To be honest i didnt notice at first as i just scrolled thru on the menu numbers till it was right, but later on when i switched interconnects i realised it was mislabelled.


Have original box so can ship

Pictures: (excuse the bad photography!)






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Whoever bought this amp should seriously look into getting additional amp modules. They are not on the official web site any more but you can get them through Addicted to Audio




Send me a PM if you need some explanation about the sound of different modules since they are a bit mixed up on the web page.

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I have an identical model (with 2 mislabelled channels :) ) which I may be willing to sell for the same price and same condition with a view to upgrading. Photos would be identical.


Regards Alan

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