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FS : Yamaha Tuner legendary T-70 + Pioneer Dinamic Expansion

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Item:  Yamaha T-70 legendary tuner 110V //  Pioneer Dinamic Expansion 110V

Location: South Sydney

Price: $100 Tuner // $200 Pioneer Dinamic Expansion

Item Condition: Very Good++  //  Very Good - everything works perfectly

Reason for selling: Collecting dust

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, Bank Transfer

Extra Info: Natural sound Am/FM Stereo Tuner, Computer Servo Locked Synthesizer Tuning System, RF Servo Gain Control Circuit, Ultra-Linear Direct FM Detector, Real-Time Direct CMOS DC NFB PLL Multiplex Demodulator, 10 Station Random-Access Preset Tuning, Image Response Ratio 85 dB, IF Response Ratio 100 dB, Spurious Response Ratio (98MHz) 100 dB, Owners Manual.


RG-2 Dynamic Processor

The dynamic range of the music source can be expanded by employing the RG-2 as a stereo system adaptor unit. No preprocessing is needed and only ordinary program sources, such as records, FM broadcasts or tape music are required.

The dynamic range is broadened by upward and downward expansion, resulting in a powerful and sharp rendition of the source. This has the effect of bringing performers right into the listening room, and especially pulsive sources such as rock and soul are given a broad new dimension. A noise reduction effect is also included. The expansion in the dynamic range can be switched in 3dB steps from 4dB to 16dB with 5-setting selector. 

Max Output Voltage 6.5V (16dB)

Dynamic Expansion              4dB     7dB      10dB      13dB      16dB

Upward Gain                       +2dB    +4dB     +6dB     +8dB       +10dB

Downward Gain                  -2dB     -3dB      -4dB      -5dB       -6dB


I have just one step down transformer used for both. Connected between PreAmp and Amp it is really impressive. Dont know if any other connection possible. It feeds on Amp's power in layman terms.
Pictures: bellow 











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