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Weston Acoustics 300B SET Time Machine

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Item full name and model etc. Weston Acoustics 300B Time Machine

Location: Ascot Vale, Victoria (prefer not to ship at this stage)

Item condition description 8/10. This amp has been lovingly cared for but I have listed it as 8/10 as it had a split in the timber that ran along the grain line at the back of the amp. Earle was kind enough to repair the split. He reinforced the area internally, cleaned up the split and treated it with wax to make it look like grain. If you look at the first pic you will see it doesn't look as bad as it sounds. 

This split occurred when I first bought the amp and got it home. I have my gear up high away from the kids & as I lifted it to put on my shelf I must have not supported the weight of the transformers properly.  Needless to say I was not happy. As you can see from the other pics besides that the amp is in great condition and works flawlessly. As I have stated above this amp comes from a loving home, it has never been abused and I have treated it with the respect it deserves.

I wont rattle on about how this amp performs as everyone on SNA already knows what it can do. Also if you have never seen one of Earles amp's in the flesh be prepared for a pleasant surprise, they look far better in real life.

Price and price conditions $1700

Reason for selling: I recently bought another, cheaper amp. I justified this to the boss by suggesting I would down grade and put the money towards other boring things. To be honest I don't want to sell it now but I am under significant pressure to stick to our deal. If I can't get my price I will tell her it's not worth selling cheaper and it will be a win win situation :).

Payment Methods:  Paypal, Cash - Pickup.

Extra Info: This amp recently had a trip to Earles to get pre in and outs fitted so I could run a sub. As such there are only two inputs as shown in the pics. He was also kind enough to change a couple of thingies internally, but I have no idea what they were, (maybe flux capacitors :))

It comes with Sylvanian 6SN7, EH 300B tubes and a Mullard 5AR4 rectifier (not shown in pics). If you want any more pictures or have any questions please let me know.













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Yep I must admit I am not convinced I am doing the right thing here. I doubt I will ever get the chance to own one of Earles amps again, I am not sure how I snuck it past the keeper the first time.

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I have been in contact with someone who will buy the amp pending the sale of theirs.

Therefore this is now sold pending payment and pick up. If it falls through I will relist.

Thanks for al the interest.

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