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FS: DIY Fostex Speakers (Melb) *SOLD*

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Item: Fostex FE206E full range drivers in DIY back-loaded horn enclosures.
Location: Hughesdale, Melbourne.
Price: $180 (invested around $600 into parts alone, and countless construction hours).
Item Condition: Speakers work fine, enclosures arern't perfect.  Small water spill mark on top of one enclosure.
Reason for selling: Haven't been used in years.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash
Extra Info: The fostex drivers have been modified with Planet 10 HiFi phase plugs ($50US), blu-tack (to dampen the frame) and felt (to reduce reflections).  The enclosures are the Fostex recommended design for the FE208EZ drivers (a good match for the FE206E's).   One has been constructed in MDF and the other in marine ply.  I was going to build another in marine ply but it took forever to build just one box, and so I lost motivation.  Sound wise I struggle to pick a difference but a more critical listener might. Both enclosures have had feet installed. This was my first diy project and as such there are a few woodworking mistakes (minor misalignment of about 2mm between the top and one side panel on both boxes, and between the lower front panel and side panel of one box).  As such it's probably too difficult to finish them well, but a coat of paint would help.  Note that the boxes are very very heavy and more than one person is needed to lift them. A good cheap introduction to the world of full range drivers.
Pictures: See below.







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Would you consider a swap? I have a pair of Dantax Tube speakers, I am in hughesdale also

Regards John


Thanks for the offer John but unfortunately not keen to experiment with different speakers at the moment.



Hi Wixy, I take it if it's still available.


Have sent you a PM.

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