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SOLD: FREE TO GOOD HOME! Faulty Rambler AK-635 integrated amp

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Faulty Rambler AK-635 integrated amp. (Also branded as Linear Design I believe). Made in Korea


FREE/cost of postage.

Item Condition:

Reason for selling:
  Don't have the expertise to repair it and would hate to throw it in the bin.

Payment Method:
Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only

Extra Info:

Hey, there.  I'd hate to see what could be a great little amp go in the bin, so it's free to a good home if anyone wants it. I think it Powers up but light doesn't come on and there are a couple of fried resistors in there that smoke like hell.  Blown speaker fuse, can't get any sound out of it.


Could be a little ripper (25-30 watts I'd guess) if you've got the tech skills to fix it.

Willing to post but It's a bit heavy....postage would be about $30.

I'll do my best to answer any questions you may have.


PM me for pickup details.


Free....on the condition that you keep me informed of it's progress if you decide to fix it




















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Hey stew,

This looks like a great little project for myself or a friend

Do you know if the parts will be easily obtainable? Will PM you to see if it's still available.


Parts are readily available from the usual suspects. WES Components is your best bet. One likely catch is that the transistors are probably Korean, rather than Japanese. Similar part numbers, but different pinouts. Other than that, expect no major issues.

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