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Cessaro Horn Acoustics / Kondo Ongaku / Zanden

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I just have a listened this amazing Hi End System set up at my friend house yesterday, 


Speaker : Cessaro Horn Accoustics, and its  Custom Design to his room size 


Amp / Pre Amp : Kondo Ongaku


CD / DAC : Zanden


Interconnect : Kondo


Turntable : I can't remember






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<blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Luc" data-cid="830858" data-time="1358665415"><p>
Nice, very very much so.<br />
<br />
You can't remember your TT...excellent understatement.</p></blockquote>

Coz the system is not belong to me but I will find out nxt time when I see him again
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Sweet system


Good to see a few TW Acoustic tables around. Glad I talked Tony into bringing them in.


TW uses Cessaro speakers in his main system.


Looks like Kondo IO cartridge with the Da Vinci tonearm.

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Wow, seriously

Also if you can muster up the gwop for a system like this, I don't think you'd be living in a place with thin walls...


its definitely he won't have a thin walls on his 5 storeys house, even his got a Golf Simulator on his other room


honestly this speaker is custom design specific for his listening room so The designer of the Cessaro came to design the wall, the acoustics of the room, and every angle of the wood behind the speakers, 


and took them 3 days to assemble this set-up, since they can't deliver it in one big piece . . . . . 


he spend big dollars on this set-up

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