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SOLD: FS: Audio-gd DAC19 DSP.

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Item: Audio gd DAC19 DSP-SOLD

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Price: $400+shipping and paypal (not even joking)- SOLD for $450. I couldn't refuse the offer which was given to me.

Item Condition: cosmetically and electronically mint.

May have a bit of wear around the connectors, as expected of used goods.

Reason for selling: To fund a new setup
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


Up for Sale is an Audio-gd DAC19DSP


The AudioGD DAC19 is a great DAC which has been touted as being worth twice its actual value and is one of those well kept audio secrets. This is perhaps why its a discontinued product, being too expensive to produce for AudioGD with 2x BurrBrown PCM1704UK DAC chips being its crowning jewel. Only the reference series DACs remain that use the PCM1704 (costing 1100 and 2000 respectively), with wolfsons and Sabre designs being put in the large hole left by the DAC-19 series. As some of you may know, the PCM1704UK is one of those last true multibit DAC chips with the recent takeover of Sigma Delta designs and discontinuation (or limited production) of PCM1704 multibit silicon. Sourcing the 1704 chips is difficult and expensive, with prices on ebay alone at 56 odd dollars apiece. However, the prohibitively expensive Naim, Mark Levinson and Wadia DAC's still use the 1704 which in itself attests to the superiority of these chips.


That isn't to say that the supporting electronics doesn't support the potential of these chips, as the overbuilt power delivery system really does allow this DAC to sing. Just search for internal photographs of AudioGD products to see for yourselves.


The item itself is in mint condition without any scrapes or scratches. Needless to say it is in great cosmetic condition and is also fully functional. I have had it for a year and the previous owner who purchased it brand new owned it for 6 months beforehand. It pains me to see it go at 500 let alone to the significant price drop to 400 dollars. (sold for 450)


As i'm a new SNA member, it may be difficult to trust me especially as I'm selling an item for a price which may appear to be a scam. However I do have trader feedback on Head-fi. My username there is stainless824 and you will see the same classified placed on there also.  The americans just don't know what kind of deal they've got in front of them.









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