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Greetings from Melba ACT


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Greetings from Melba ACT.  Melba's the streets are named after Australian musicians which I think is appropriate for someone who loves listening to classical music. 


I listen on a mid-fi Sherwood system through a nice pair of AXIS speakers.  I am not sure what is the model of the Axis speakers- they look like pictures of seen of LS38s.  At some stage I'll post a picture of them and maybe members can tell me what they are - they sound lovely though and I am a firm believer that the speakers are the most important component..  If I really want some classical music pleasure I play my cds through a little Perreaux headphone amp and a a pair of AKG 601s. Am thinking about the merit of putting a dac magic or somesuch between the Sherwood cd and the amps.  Particualry with the Perreaux/AKG I think. it might make a bit of a difference even to my ageing ears.


I think the look of a Stereo is important and I like matching componentry - its an important part of our lounge-room furniture   I do have a weakness though for picking up nice odd bits from op-shops. To that end I am currently putting together a Rotel based stereo in the garage. 


I mostly listen to classical cds but we also like American, Indonesian and Pacific Islands 60s and 70s country rock, gospel  and crooners.  So we use a cassette deck a fair bit - if the cassette is still good and the deck is good the sound is near-cd and well suited to what is fairly undemanding music. In any case most of the Pacifc and Indonesian music was only ever made on cassette.  Don't like records though - scratch too easily!


Look forward to reading on the forum and maybe the odd post too.




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