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O fortuna

Guest JohnA

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John I'll own up to the fact that the only thing that drew me here was the topic heading  'Oh Fortuna'. I interpreted it two ways or perhaps three :blink: .


My first thought was: "He's sold the Octagons! U Beauty!!


Please note the use of two exclamation marks..I use them sparingly in the most exciting of times( Keating rolled the fcuking Libs...your kidding me!!!" and  Collingwood/Carlton/Manly/St George won a premiership...!! Yeah right.)


Thirdly I thought that you might share the same passion I have for satirical dissent and in particular as it's presented in all forms of Poesy and you'd picked up on the original 'Oh Fortuna' which is a 13th century satire in a poetic form that basically complains about both 'Fate'+'Fortune', Catholics are involved of course... (actually it's a Roman goddess known as fortunea or fortuna or something like that) and I naturally put all of the above together.


Adding into the mix several ingredients like:- SGR/Speakers to die for/Amps to do the same for/Listening room to do the same for...(lot of death mentioned there and that's what the old Poets were always banging on about in one way or a tuther...)


Fate...hmm. Fortune's another matter :cool:

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