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FS Bruce Flanagan EL 34 Mono Blocs with 12 spare Siemens EL34's included

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Item: Bruce
Flanagan EL 34 Mono Blocs

Southern Wine District of South Australia


Item Condition:

Reason for selling:
Surplus to requirements
Own too many amps

Payment Method:
Pickup -
Cash, COD Only or by negotiation

Extra Info:
100W Custom C Core transformer EL34 mono blocks Designed & built by Bruce Flanagan. Legend has it he has gone native and turned his back on all things audio and lives out bush somewhere. Whatever the real story is I will likely never know. What I do know is these ROCK and are one of the finest matches to my Tannoys yet. Outstanding.
Seeing that I have sold my Tannoys they are now surplus.
Included are 12 NOS Siemens EL34's with around 500 hours on them tested with measurement marked. They have been put aside to save the best till last. Unfortunately most of the original boxes have been lost. Currently fitted with vintage winged c Svetlanas purchased from Jac Music + newly fitted GE5814A's & Mullard CV4024 [ECC81's] If you are into audio fashion they are not that impressive but if you are into superb sound these will not fail to satisfy.Power & finesse, easy to bias @-30mA. Lastly as a final offer before I withdraw them from sale I will include 10 NOS matched & measured unopened winged C Svetlanas from Jac Music so a total of 22 NOS spare valves. Final offer, no negotiation, no offers  2% of sale price donated to this website. Cheers



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