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SOLD: FS: Von Schweikert VR-4SR MKII speakers,

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Item: VOn Schweikert VR-4SR MKII speakers in premium colour of sycamore,

Location: Sydney

Price: $7.5k or trade-in/exchange for a good CD/SACD player such as Esoteric K-03, AMR 77.1 or equivalence,

Item condition: mint condition 9/10 with no scratches, no dents,

Reason for sale: get fund for a CD player,

Payment method: cash on pick-up or bank transfer,

Extra info: there are lots of reviews & discussions on the Net, so please do research,

In summary: 4-way speakers, sensitivity: 92db, over 400 lbs in shipping double boxes with wooden inner box, made in USA,

RRP in USA $12k for a standard colour, add $2k for premium colour of sycamore, rrp in Aus $20k,

Pictures: sorry I don't know how to post photos from iPad/iPhone, however if you are interested, I can send photos via emails or MMS,

I encourage for an audition & you can have direct A/B comparison with my B&W802Di driven by Mcintosh system (C2300/Mc601/Mcd500), you'll be surprised ... :)

Thank you for looking at my ad,

PS: if I sell these speakers to one of SNA member, minimum of $100 donation to SNA,

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These sound like they would be a great buy for someone if the funds are not an issue. I would recommend that you find a way to post some photos of your actual speakers as I feel this would greatly enhance your prospects of a sale. If you feel this advice is gratuitous then feel free to ignore it however it is offered with the best of intentions.

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